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The creation of the project

Hello, my name is PXGenki and I am the mind and hand behind this project. This project was conceived during the lockdown period with a strong desire to create something that is now rarely found in the collections that have been released in recent times. It collects the major strengths of the best collections and utilizes a graphic style that groups contemporary tastes.

Thousands of Souls

Our goal is to build a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for this project and are committed to its success. With the support of thousands of dedicated fans, we strive to bring our vision to life and create a lasting impact in the world of digital art and NFTs.

Join us now and be a part of something truly special!

Our Team Members

Our team is in the process of expanding and aims to bring together affiates from the NFTs world.

  • PXGenki


  • PXOdin